Weddings Post Covid-19

The wedding industry is booming post COVID-19. And that is something very few people expected. Many wedding vendors feared what was to come for the 2020/2021 wedding season and were pleasantly surprised when they were faced with overwhelming amounts of work. There is talk of how there seems to be not enough vendors for weddingsContinue reading “Weddings Post Covid-19”

Can wedding planning make you depressed?

Sounds silly at first but would you be surprised if told you this question and others like it are some of the top questions googled in relation to wedding planning? Wedding planning is overwhelming to say the very least. Even for the couples who have it all together. As I mentioned in my last post,Continue reading “Can wedding planning make you depressed?”

Should you hire a wedding planner?

You’re newly engaged and you’re over the moon excited to start planning your big day! It doesn’t seem like much at first as the beginning stages of planning can be loads of fun! Typically in those first stages you buy your dress, book your venue, and plan out your wedding party. But what about allContinue reading “Should you hire a wedding planner?”