Marco Fairytale Wedding

Vanessa & Blake Weeks

Sale e Pepe | Marco Island, Florida

Wedding Theme: Whimsical Beach Front

Planning for Vanessa and Blake’s wedding started in November 2021 and just shy of a year later with the help of some incredible vendors, their wedding dreams came to life in Marco Island, Florida.

Transforming the space

Sale e Pepe in Marco Island, Florida offers the best of both worlds with their covered terrace that over looks the beach and access to their white sandy beach for ceremony and cocktail hour. The views from this waterfront property are hard to beat!

Vanessa and Blake held their wedding ceremony on the waterfront terrance, which later transformed into their reception space.

Table Design: Black and gold tapered candle holders intertwined with multi-toned greenery garland accented with smokey glass votive candles. All white linen complemented the black menus, customize escort cards and glass table settings.

Personal Florals: The all-white floral bouquets held the most magical organic shape which brought that whimsical touch to their wedding design.

Setting the vibe: Furniture grouping for the cocktail hour, which took place on the beach, brought a neutral-organic element to their modern design. Later these seating elements turned into a lounge space for the reception which complimented their live cigar roller.

The Small Details

Every wedding, big or small, should have a catering and design focused layout to ensure the many elements of your big day come together seamlessly.

Incorporating small details such as escort cards are not just a customized touch your guests are sure to notice they are also a great tool when paired with an organized catering layout.


When building out a wedding timeline it is important to keep in mind that one size does not fit all. Factoring in how the couple wants the day to feel and ensuring correct placement/ timing of all vendors is crucial to a successful event.

Elements important to Vanessa and Blake:

  • Starting the day early so the bridal party didn’t feel rushed
  • Sunset pictures
  • Speeches for not just bridal party but parents too
  • Time for the couple to enjoy their reception
  • Group send-off; sparklers

The sunset on Marco Island was absolute perfection which made scheduling time for these portraits for the Bride and Groom oh so worth it!

Not long after the sunset their romantic reception transformed into a party they will never forget

Vendor line-up:

Planner: Vowed to You | @vowedtoyou
Photo: Lindsey Alaine |
Video: Gomes Films | @gomes.films
Venue: Sale E Pepe | @saleepepeweddings
Rentals: Plithos | @plithosrentals
Hair/ Makeup: Chloe Lamb | @chloe_lamb_hair Kiss & Makeup by Steph | @kissandmakeupbysteph
Florist: Triton Floral Design | @tritonfloraldesign

    Weddings Post Covid-19

    The wedding industry is booming post COVID-19. And that is something very few people expected. Many wedding vendors feared what was to come for the 2020/2021 wedding season and were pleasantly surprised when they were faced with overwhelming amounts of work. There is talk of how there seems to be not enough vendors for weddings from venues to photographers. This past wedding season felt extra busy due to pandemic-related postponements but this upcoming season is projected to be just as crazy if not crazier.

    Illustration by Catherine Buchaniec

    As one out of every two couples from 2020 will now throw their wedding receptions in 2021, the year ahead will be even more inundated with weddings than normal. It’s better to get started sooner.

    -The Knot

    I’d like to think that is because people are taking control over their own lives again. The idea of getting engaged and planning a wedding during a pandemic doesn’t sound appealing. But many couples made do with the limitations they were given. Masks and mini hand sanitizers became the most popular wedding favors and rightfully so. I give all the props to the couples who pushed through such a difficult time.

    Moving forward COVID-19 will still play a part in the industry and to an extent that’s OK. We are all reminded, often, how important it is to wash your hands and to stay home when you’re sick. COVID-19 changed our lives, the way we function, and even the way we think. And as a planner, I am overjoyed to see my couples have the ability to live out their dream day as they imagined it to be.

    #Protip for all my newly engaged friends out there: don’t sleep on booking your vendors.


    Can wedding planning make you depressed?

    Sounds silly at first but would you be surprised if told you this question and others like it are some of the top questions googled in relation to wedding planning?


    Wedding planning is overwhelming to say the very least. Even for the couples who have it all together. As I mentioned in my last post, you have to book and manage a full vendor staff all while trying to enjoy your big day and the days leading up to it.

    The first few months after your engagement are fun, you start pinning like crazy, researching venues like it’s a college project, and maybe even plan an engagement party. Then reality hits.

    • You have to set a realistic budget and find the right vendors to fit your needs.
    • Pinteresting is easy-peasy but when it comes time to bringing your vision to life, things start getting tricky.
    • You start buying random things from Target because their cute there goes $150.00.
    • You book a photographer and find they aren’t your style at all and now you feel stuck.
    • The venue you booked failed to tell you their rules/ regulations prior to booking.
    • You’re not sure what questions to ask or even what to do with the answers you get.

    You’re not alone in this process, I have met so many couples who come to me looking for help because what should be the most exciting time of their new life together is overwhelming, stressful, and frankly tiresome and un-enjoyable.

    My first suggestion to all to-be-weds is to be realistic on how much you can juggle on your own. It’s OK if you feel overwhelmed but know having a professional by your side can help alleviate some of your stress. And most importantly booking the right wedding vendors can make or break your vision.

    Should you hire a wedding planner?

    You’re newly engaged and you’re over the moon excited to start planning your big day! It doesn’t seem like much at first as the beginning stages of planning can be loads of fun! Typically in those first stages you buy your dress, book your venue, and plan out your wedding party.

    But what about all the other vendors you’ll need to book/ manage? And where do you even find the right vendors for your day?

    • Who is going to mange your wedding team? Photographer, Florist, DJ, Catering… etc
    • You need a master timeline and a table layout.
    • Who is setting up your wedding the morning of? Loved ones who should be spending time with you?
    • Does your venue have parking?
    • What time are the flowers arriving?
    • Is dinner going to be served on time?
    • Where is the bestman?

    There are a lot of moving parts on a wedding day and the last thing you should be doing as a Bride and Groom is managing a full vendor staff. It’s a lot, trust me!

    Leading up to your wedding day can be overwhelming all on its own. Hiring a wedding planner or coordinator allows you a better sense of control over your event. A planner can assist with booking vendors, reviewing contracts, bringing your design together, help you stay on budget, and more. As a planner I have a list of vendors I know and love to work with to ensure your wedding day has all the right people involved.

    Keep in mind wedding planning has changed a lot over the years. Wedding planning is not a one shoe fits all service. That is why Vowed to you offers multiple packages to fit the needs of each client. From On Day Coordinating to Full Planning, I will be there to help you bring your wedding vision to life.

    If you’re still on the fence on booking a planner set up a free consultation! I can assure you, I have never had a couple regret hiring a planner.