Weddings Post Covid-19

The wedding industry is booming post COVID-19. And that is something very few people expected. Many wedding vendors feared what was to come for the 2020/2021 wedding season and were pleasantly surprised when they were faced with overwhelming amounts of work. There is talk of how there seems to be not enough vendors for weddings from venues to photographers. This past wedding season felt extra busy due to pandemic-related postponements but this upcoming season is projected to be just as crazy if not crazier.

Illustration by Catherine Buchaniec

As one out of every two couples from 2020 will now throw their wedding receptions in 2021, the year ahead will be even more inundated with weddings than normal. It’s better to get started sooner.

-The Knot

I’d like to think that is because people are taking control over their own lives again. The idea of getting engaged and planning a wedding during a pandemic doesn’t sound appealing. But many couples made do with the limitations they were given. Masks and mini hand sanitizers became the most popular wedding favors and rightfully so. I give all the props to the couples who pushed through such a difficult time.

Moving forward COVID-19 will still play a part in the industry and to an extent that’s OK. We are all reminded, often, how important it is to wash your hands and to stay home when you’re sick. COVID-19 changed our lives, the way we function, and even the way we think. And as a planner, I am overjoyed to see my couples have the ability to live out their dream day as they imagined it to be.

#Protip for all my newly engaged friends out there: don’t sleep on booking your vendors.


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